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Global Missions

G.W.G.P. - Girls with Great Potential

C.A.R.E (Crisis and Relief Education)

PASSPORT to a New Life (Human Trafficking)


GPH3 is a faith based community service organization.

Some ministries dig wells others build houses; we build the people who live in those houses. The primary goal of GPH3 is make a difference around the world by touching and transforming lives.

Our purpose is to empower and assist under-served and impoverished people who experience economical, mental health and social challenges. We desire to help individuals become self-sufficient, anchored, stabilized, believers in Christ and well-rounded members of society. 

At Global Projects we value . . .                                   PEOPLE, THE WORD, and COUNSELING through application of the Word in people's lives.
Global Projects provides COUNSELING and counseling related programs, services, and resource materials which provide hope, help and healing to minorities, women, and children that are under-served and impoverished. We are an inter-disciplinary team which travels locally and abroad meeting the needs of God's people through counseling and these four components.

  • Counseling
    This component is designed to provide individual one-on-one, marriage and family, as well as, peer group counseling, implementing a holistic approach that emphasizes personal development, growth, and support to participants in their efforts to reach their full potential.  We provide counseling related resources and training inclusive of trauma and crisis intervention.

  •  Community Education
    The purpose of this component is to provide information and resources to individuals and families that will reinforce integrity, values, and self-enrichment for a greater quality of life for the future by providing leadership development, training and documentaries on emotional, spiritual and mental health.
  • Sistah’ Friends
    This component targets girls and women age 8 and above through mentoring, modeling and discipleship in order to concentrate and provide insight into ways that can better equip them to address issues of pregnancy, venereal disease, HIV aids, breakdowns in relationships (from domestic violence and substance abuse) and self-esteem. Our goal is to draw out the best in these "Girls with Great Potential" (girls 8-12 yrs old), Those who are Growing with Great Potential (ages 12-18), Graduating with Great Potential (18-24) and adults who are Graced with Great Potential.
  • Community Resources and Referrals
    This component serves as a community liaison between institutions, social service agencies, etc. in making individuals and families more aware of resources that can assist them with their needs.
  • C.A.R.E. - Crisis and Relief Education                      This component provides individual and group training  in the areas of critical stress incident management, crisis intervention and counseling for those who have experienced natural disasters, tragedies, and traumatic life events.