GPH3 Leadership Development in Madrid, Spain GPH3 Leadership Development in Madrid, Spain Dr. Sabrina Black blessing communion 20826040 High Praise and Worship 20826061 Bowing before an Awesome God 20826047 Humbled before His Holiness 20826063 Proclaiming the Name of God 20826062 Men in worship responding to the Word 20826048 A Mother in Zion Ministering Hope 20826064 Obedience is better than Sacrifice 20826065 Get your house in order 20826049 This is my Bible, I am who God says I am. 20826066 This is my Bible, it proclaims God's promises to me and my household 20826067 There is power in the Word of God 20826068 What a Mighty God we Serve 20826069 A New Spiritual Daughter 20826070 Leadership Principles from the Word 20826071 Surrendered and Dedicated to God 20826050 Preaching onThe Exodus and Passover 20826073 God Wants to Set YOU Free 20826074 Search the Scriptures for Truth 20826072 Preparing to Serve Communion 20826075 His Body Broken for you; His Blood Poured out for you 20826051 In Remembrance of Christ Sacrifice 20826076