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“How can we walk along side them and give them hope?”

  • Economic Empowerment and Development of cottage industry
  • Finding affordable housing for the girls coming out of trafficking
  • Providing decent clothing, food, and health care for the girls
  • Identifying services and resources in Europe that can be of benefit to those helping the girls


Who will be minister to the young girls that have been sold into prostitution? 
When most people hear that Global Projects is going to Italy, they think vacation, cafes and corner boutiques.

While those things are there, God is calling us to go beyond the Vatican and the Eiffel Tower, beyond the shops and the architecture, beyond the city lights into the darkness to address the atrocity of  Human Trafficking.

Global Projects is here to provide a message of hope to the many young women, in Turino Italy, who have been lured into bondage and sold into prostitution.

These young women ranging in age from twelve to twenty-two, daily risk contracting aids, unwanted pregnancy and back alley abortions, abuse by pimps and madams.

It’s difficult to imagine some little girl from our family or church group living this life. I think about the young women that we mentor and the skills that we teach such as poise and etiquette, dealing with peer pressure, literacy, etc.; then realize that there is another group of young women who not only need this training but basic survival skills.

 How can you help? 
Donate your time, your services, or your money.  The need is large and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and to make a world of difference!

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