Combatting Human Trafficking


  • That God would touch the minds and hearts of both the traffickers and the victims of Human Trafficking with His love so that they will be receptive to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the redeeming power of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • That victims of Human Trafficking become physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually free from the trauma and stigma associated with sexual exploitation.
  • That God would provide provision for those individuals and agencies that are striving to eradicate Human Trafficking and to assist the victims of Human Trafficking.
  • That laws would be passed to detour the proliferation of Human Trafficking and that the market for Human Trafficking would be eliminated as individuals find legitimate ways to make money. 

STOP Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign

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SEX SLAVES in the SUBURB (in the USA)

Human Trafficking is a world-wide problem. Not only does it impacts girls from Africa, Europe and Asia but right here in the United States. Many of our young girls who are thought to be runaways are often lured away or kidnapped and sold for profit often right in their own neighborhoods. This atrocity must stop. Join us in the fight against human trafficking. Read the various post on our site, watch the videos, contact us to get involved in making a difference.