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SLAVERY NEXT DOOR Webinar 1/11/11

In remembrance of the many who are held captive in bondage to Human Trafficking this modern day slavery, Global Projects has relaunched their "Slavery Next Door" Webinar. You can get a valuable education and call to action to become an agent of change in your local and global community. 

Global Projects Joins Michigan's Fight Against Human Trafficking 11/16/10

Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing are modern day abolitionist in their fight against human trafficking on an international level and now they are joining with other agencies advocates fighting in the state of Michigan. Dr. Sabrina Black and the Global Projects Team are pleased to join the ranks of other organizations who are combating this atrocity against women and children. Global Projects is at work creating awareness, educating, counseling and training as they reach out to touch and transform the lives of victims of human trafficking. Serving as a bridge with churches, NGOs in Italy, Spain and London, Global Projects is searching for ways to make a difference through their program "Passport to a New Life" for victims  as well as serve as a prevention tool for middle school and high school girls to better prepare them to be aware and alert to the dangers that could be around them protecting them from predators.


Dr. Sabrina Black Appointed MANI Deputy Coordinator Africans in Diaspora for North America  11/16/10

Movement of African National Initiative (MANI) has officially appointed Detroit's own Dr. Sabrina D. Black as Deputy Coordinator of Africans in Diaspora in charge of North America. This is a great honor for Detroit and Global Projects organization.
Her appointment was made official November 15, 2010. Recommended by Dr. Anne Sike Mbette of The Afritude Institute, PA, Dr. Black has graciously accepted the position. She will be responsible for coordinating efforts from Alaska, Canada, Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador as well as the US. She will be assigned to name those who will work with her throughout North America motivating all who value the efforts and mission of MANI. Dr. Black who has traveled to 5 of the 7 continents is very excited about serving in this capacity and recognizes that her work with MANI covers the globe that Global Projects has been called to work within.                          


 Global Projects Makes Science and Math Fun for Girls with Great Potential 11/16/10

Global Projects recognizes need for S.T.E.M. educational enrichment and offers weekend to help shape the minds of girls 8-12 years to get an opportunity to have fun with math and science. 

Dr. Sabrina Black founder and president of Global Projects with a grant from Woman's Life Chapter 826 and their president, Charlene Green have joined forces to raise the awareness and learning aptitude  and knowlege for science and math for the Girls with Great Potential ages 8-12 years this weekend. Both Black and Green recognized the recent research stating that African Americans are behind in science, technology, engineering and math areas. To combat this Global Projects' initiative through Girls with Great Potential is making a difference by providing supplement help for the girls while making learning fun. The goal is to raise their learning levels let the girls know to not shy away from math or science but to .. . .


Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing who has been involved with combatting human trafficking for some years, located in Detroit we know first- hand the devastation of this bondage. The organization has been on the international front working and  educating the public of this modern day slavery of children and women. The plight of women and children caught in this sting has expanded its reach into the metro Detroit area and Global Projects is ready to be a voice for those without a voice and advocates for change at all levels of government local and federal                                                                                                        Lausanne World Pulse Welcomes African American Leaders at Cape Town 10/10 

As Rev. Case recalls, there were a limited number of African-Americans in Budapest, but he is encouraged that God is moving upon the hearts of men and women of all colors as universal unity and reconciliation is taking place within the Body of Christ and that a multitude of people groups, including African-Americans, will be central figures in Cape Town 2010. The number of African-Americans is steadily increasing, as Case is working with LCWE executive chairman Doug Birdsall to pave the way for other leaders to be in attendance, on the platform and taking a key role in the discussions of world missions and evangelism.

In addition to McCray and Case, the forty African-American mission-minded leaders planning to attend the historic Cape Town Congress include:

African-American Mission Leaders Emerge to Impact World E... 8/17/10      Over 40 African-American delegates, among 400+ from the USA and over 4,000 world-wide, will come together to advance the Gospel of Christ throughout the world, continuing the historical pioneering influence in missions among African-Americans. Detroit, August 7, 2010-African-American leaders are positioned to take a leading role in the future of world evangelism at the upcoming Lausanne III Congress on World Evangelization, an historic and unique gathering of evangelical and other mission-minded believers, to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, October 16-25, 2010. Our founder Dr. Sabrina D. Black is among that number.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Global Projects Shows C.A.R.E. as they Launch the Rebuild... 7/10/10

Following a trip in February, Dr. Black and executive director, Pamela Hudson felt the need was so great that in order to contribute positively to the healing process, a counseling series would offer the skill-based training that will sustain the country and direct them toward wholeness.Dr.Sabrina Black president of Global Projects has returned from Haiti following a 10 day project launch of The Haiti Project - Rebuilding the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health of Children and Families. This DVD series is a Train the Trainer format offering help to the professionals, clergy and lay counselors of Haiti to help their fellow countrymen heal and overcome the tragedy of January 12, 2010 earthquake.


Global Projects President, Detroit Adjunct Instructor & C... 7/10/10

The Lausanne conference will be held October 16-25, 2010 with over 4000 leaders from 200 countries. This is the third conference addressing world evangelism confronting the critical issues of our time. Discussions will surround other faiths, poverty, HIV/AIDS, persecution to name a few. Sabrina has been involved with world missions for over 10 years through her work with Global Projects a faith-based nonprofit located in Detroit, Michigan. She is very passionate in her work to "touch and transform lives through the word and counseling resources."

Global Projects Debuts Women Leadership Conference in Panama 7/10/10

 The desire for quality leadership training is going to Panama thanks to the relationship between Dr. Sabrina Black, co-founder of the Aspire Higher Leadership Think Tank and Norma Klinger of Alpha & Omega Family Center of Panama.This collaboration is an effort to provide the women of Panama with effective and skill based training that will enrich, empower and improve their plight as women in leadership positions.Dr. Black is committed to excellence when serving women across the global community.

 06/ 29/ 2010 Dr Ruby Bowens Grief and Loss Expert Goes to Haiti

Dr. Ruby Bowens made her first international mission trip with Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing to Haiti where she was given the opportunity to share the stages and cycle of grief and loss. Being a part of the Global Projects Team, Dr. Bowens is part of the  DVD Train the Trainer series that will be a tremendous help to the lay counselors, clergy and professionals in Haiti. She was able to bring her teaching on grief and loss to the project. Dr. Bowens an expert in this area was able to bring her years of working in this area from her Evangelism Ministry at Calvary Baptist Church. She serves as the Servant Leader at Calvary under the leadership of Rev. Lawrence T. Foster, pastor.

06/ 29/2010 Dr Chlorine Wimberly , Ashland Theological Seminary Graduate Helps Children in Haiti

Dr. Wimberly has taken her expertise on PTSD to help the children of Haiti with the Global Projects Team. Dr. Wimberly was able to give the children an opportunity to tell their story and bring relief to many still traumatized from the earthquake.

Spec Howard Alum Goes to Haiti as part of The Rebuild Haiti Project 6/30/10

Larry Crockett assistant director of media at Evangel Ministries and Spec Howard alum helps Global Projects by recording the Rebuild Haiti Project seminar in Haiti.
Larry Crockett heard the call to go to Haiti with the GPH3 Team in June and resounded with a vibrant yes! As part of the Global Projects Team he not only was able to record all sessions of the train the trainer series for the 10 DVD project, but he  also delivered a powerful message challenging each man to look to the one who can give them renewed strength to be the father, husband, neighbor and friend to a community struggling to overcome the horrific events of January 12th. He inspired all men to not sit on the sidelines but to enter into the game and become a team player to bring the nation of Haiti back. The presence of Larry helped the Team chronicle their interaction with children and adults, to capture the faces of Haiti, the anguish and frustration as well as the hope and joy of many.  With this under his belt, Larry has been changed and challenged to become an agent of change in the lives of hurting people.

Metro Detroit Missionaries Return Having Experience Haiti... 3/0110

They heard their fear of going back into their homes, they observed many sleeping in their cars, on the street and in tents. Saw the rubble of many buildings with people still underneath and how the schools are in total disarray and the people roaming the streets all day and night. The toll of the earth quake is massive!Detroit faith-based international organization, Global Projects’ founder and executive director return from Haiti with an up-close experience of how the people of Haiti are really living. The devastation is worse than words can share.They visited rural areas and saw first hand how some children only get one meal a week. They walked among the tent cities and saw the forlorn and frustration of the people who lost it all.

NBCA President Sabrina Black and Global Projects Discuss ... 3/09/10, 

Ms. Black is more than likely to share the emotional need of the people and rallying the board of NBCA to put out a call to action among the counselors. The need for counseling help was very apparent on her visit February 23-25, 2010.The lines of people especially children was a heartbreaking site and their need to share their fears is causing many of them to not rest or sleep at night.With NBCA conference in May 13-15, 2010 and their theme of "Deliverance from Bondage," the organization who is very aware of how to help hurting people, and will make Haiti their top agenda item.Dr. Richardson, founder of NBCA and Christian Research & Development is a man given to generosity and will help NBCA stay on task to help anyway they can.As president of both Global Projects and NBCA, Ms. Black is committed to bring the needed resources to the children of Haiti after having sat down with over 500 children to hear their horror story of what happened on January 12, 2010.

Global Projects Takes C.A.R.E. to Haiti 2/19/10,

Sabrina Black along with executive director will team up with Dr. Richard Heron of Great Adventure Ministries to bring their form of psychological and emotional assessment to better capture what is needed for those who have survived the earthquake.According to Black there is a definite need for crisis intervention led by trained professionals, “to move an individual toward holistic help and treatment.” Black, who is no stranger to crisis counseling, understands the need “to train and serve those who are less fortunate around the world.”Global Projects of Detroit is on the way to Haiti after watching much of what is happening and seeing the need to go to provide crisis intervention for the Haitians will begin with their arrival on Monday February 22, 2010.


Detroit Nonprofit Global Projects Going to Haiti for Psyc... 2/10/10

Global Projects has been able to make a world of difference on the overseas mission field providing crisis counseling, and Critical Incident Stress Management training (CISM), similar to trauma training done in war torn Africa (Gulu) in the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans and free training in Dallas to prepare counselors, social and health care workers. Each time Global Project has gone they continue to have a significant impact in the lives of people.


06/ 14/ 2009 Local Detroit Nonprofit Team In London Support Women's Conference London

Nine members of Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing recently returned from London, England as missionaries at the Church of God Mission in support of their Women's Conference on the theme, My Significance In The Kingdom. The team were invited by their board member and the host Pastor Emem along with his wife, Pastor Enobong. The six day conference offered the Detroit Team multiple opportunities to minister on leadership, faith, and coaching to success, as we shared on the theme.

GPH3 Interviews & Press

 09/04/2010: Konversations with Karen: You Can Be a Missionary

Sabrina Black joins host Karen Donald on "Konversations with Karen" to discuss travel with Global Projects and the upcoming trip to South Africa for the Lausanne World Congress on Evangelism and Missions.

03/19/2009: Thrive Radio: What's Your Dream featuring Pamela Hudson of Global Projects 
Pamela Hudson joins host Karolyn Hart in the series "What's Your Dream" to discuss her work with Global Projects.

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