Inspiring Women of All Ages

For Young Ladies
Global Projects offers two programs to help raise young girls awareness of who they are and the value they bring to this life, plus, how important they are in the eyes of Almighty God. With fun activities and one-on-one mentoring we teach, train and instruct our young girls young and old with purpose, poise on the promises of the Word of God in their lives.

  • Our Girls With Great Potential is for girls age 8-12 years old where we offer age appropriate activities nurturing the values of obedience, discipline and learning the lessons of God's love for themselves. 

  • Mark your calendar for our next event - April 21st - CULTURAL HERITAGE

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  • Our Young Girls Conference ages 12-19 is where we intensify our emphasis on self-development, self-worth and personal growth by enhancing educational skills (especially literacy, writing and mathematics) as well as improving relational skills (working with diverse populations, and oratorical skills).
    We see each youth developing leadership skills via (opportunities for training and implementation) as we work to establish mentoring services to those who are in need.



Our goal is to prepare each young girl into becoming a global citizens and increasing awareness of world events. We provide them with back to school supplies to help them to stay focus on their school goals while we keep track of their progress. We are committed to making sure our girls understand their great potential to be all that God has made them to be. Their opportunities are endless!





For Ladies With  Experience

Global Projects is in the process of putting together programming to help inspire those of us with experience under our belts to motivate one another to become the best we can be.  We are actively involved with the following groups:

  • Phenomenal Women's Conference

  • Women Who Lead

  • Aspire Higher Leadership Think Tank

  • Woman's Life

Through each of the above women are given an opportunity to grow spiritually and develop leadership skills to help serve our families, communities and the world.

We are also looking for women of character, integrity and wisdom to serve as MENTORS for our "Girls with Great Potential."